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Bizz Johnson Rail Trail
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Location Susanville, California
Address Bizz Johnson Rail Trail, Susanville, CA
Lat, Long 40.416284, -120.653006
GPS Enabled
Description The Bizz Johnson Trail in northeastern California is a 25.4 mile rail trail that runs from Susanville, California to Mason Station, California. The trail occupies a former corridor of the the Southern Pacific railroad. The trail is known for it incredible Fall foliage views and well as the popular Bizz John Marathon. The Bizz Johnson Trail follows the Susan River for 16 miles then goes through the Susan River Canyon over numerous railroad trestles and bridges and two tunnels. The state web site for the trail descrtibes the area as "a combination of semi-arid canyon and upland forests of pine and fir." The trail located at fairly high elevations running from 4200 to 5500 feet.
Keywords CA,
Updated on 2014-05-28
Created on 2011-01-11
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