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Cape York Peninsula
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Location Queensland, Australia
Address Peninsula, Queensland, Australia
Lat, Long -13.296553, 142.536467
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Description Cape York Peninsula is a large remote peninsula located in Far North Queensland at the tip of the state of Queensland, Australia, the largest unspoilt wilderness in northern Australia and one of the last remaining wilderness areas on Earth. Although the land is mostly flat and about half of the area is used for grazing cattle, and wildlife is threatened by introduced species and weeds, the relatively undisturbed eucalyptus wooded savannahs, tropical rainforests and other types of habitat are now recognized for their global environmental significance. Edmund Kennedy was the first European explorer to attempt an overland expedition of Cape York Peninsula. He had been second-in-command to Thomas Livingstone Mitchell in 1846 when the Barcoo river was discovered. The aim was to blaze a trail to the tip of the cape where some Sydney businessmen thought of developing a port for trade with the East Indies. CapeYorkinfo.org is a one stop portal site linking to the attractions, services and general interest sites of the businesses and services of The Cape York proper, north of the Jardine river. Get all the information on the area from drop down menu links to sites and contact details of operators, businesses and services of the area referred to by locals as the NPA, Northern Peninsula Area (pop.1937. 2001 census).
Keywords QLD, City Street, Island, Wildlife Area, , Streets, Roads, Cities, Mungkan Kandju, Lakefield, Cape Melville National Park, Jardine River, Cooktown
Updated on 2014-05-28
Created on 2013-03-12
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