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Bowling Green Bay National Park
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Location Cape Cleveland, Queensland
Address Cape Cleveland, Queensland 4816, Australia
Lat, Long -19.445227, 147.074661
Phone Number 07 4778 3555
Description Bowling Green Bay National Park covers 57,900 ha of coastal and mountainous country. The habitats range from mangroves at sea level to rainforests on the mountain tops. The national park includes a wetland that has gained international recognition as a significant habitat for waterfowl, and has been listed under the Ramsar Convention. In the summer months at least 30 different species of birds migrate to the park from various parts of the world. Within the park, Mount Elliot reaches a height of 1210 m, jutting out of the surrounding coastal plain and dominating the landscape. There is one camping area with facilities, three camping areas with no facilities and opportunities for remote hiking and camping. All camping activities in the park require a permit and fees apply. Before setting up camp you will need to obtain a camping permit, which should be attached to your tent in a visible place. Marine waters adjacent to Bowling Green Bay National Park are internationally significant and are protected. Bowling Green Bay National Park offers excellent opportunities for viewing wildlife. The diversity of landscape and vegetation supports a large and varied population of birds, including migrants such as the channel-billed cuckoo. Male scarlet honeyeaters make a colourful subject for keen photographers. Agile wallabies and allied rock-wallabies are common. At night, common brushtail possums can be spotted patrolling the area. If you are lucky you may even see a rufous bettong. Never feed any animals, including fish and turtles, as it can affect their health and alter the natural population balance. Ensure that your food is securely packed away out of animals' reach.
Keywords QLD, Queensland National Parks, Townsville, Park, Trails, Camping, Hiking, Walking, Wildlife,
Updated on 2014-05-28
Created on 2013-05-02
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