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Charon Point Conservation Park
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Location Marlborough, Queensland
Address Bald Hills Rd, Marlborough, Queensland, Australia
Lat, Long -22.554557, 149.902356
Phone Number 07 4944 5888
Description The park is 44 km north of Marlborough. Access is suitable for 4WD vehicles only. It is not suitable for buses or caravans. The park protects open eucalypt forest and grassy open woodlands. Tall shrubs occur on low flats near the tip of the point. Large areas of low mangrove flats and bare salt pans occur on the eastern and western shores. Woody vines and open shrubs grow in sand running parallel to the mangroves above the high tide mark. Massive tides and fast currents surging through the mouth of the Styx River are a feature of the area. During king tides a wall of water (a tidal bore) up to 0.5 m high forms and moves up the Styx River. Sharks are reported to feed behind the advancing tidal surge in the Broad Sound area.
Keywords QLD, Queensland National Parks, Central Coast, , Camping, Picnicking, Boating, Fishing
Updated on 2014-05-28
Created on 2013-05-31
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