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Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp
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Location Houlton, WI
Address 186 Andersen Scout Camp Rd, Houlton, Wisconsin, United States
Lat, Long 45.089763, -92.765261
GPS Enabled
Phone Number 715-549-6641
Description Located just five miles northeast of Stillwater, Minnesota is Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp. The camp boasts 260 acres along the St. Croix River. Year-round camping, 17 winterized cabins, campsites, and a one-mile trail to a backpacking campsite make this property one of the most active camps in Northern Star Council. The Andersen-Weekes Tree Farm is a 60- acre site of gently rolling hills, open fields and woodlands perfect for camporees, district events and large groups. Many years ago, this camp was known a River Camp. Later on, Fred C. Anderson (Anderson Windows) provided funds to purchase the property and keep it as a council property for years to come. This cache is placed with permission of Art Marty, Camp Ranger. Do not enter the camp to retrieve the cache. It's located outside the camp's fenceline. Also, please park in the nearby pull-off and not on the road. Coordinates are provided. The main entrance to the camp is just east of the cache location. Be sure to drive further east on the road and you will be able to see parts of the camp that are on the 'upper level' as you drive by.
Keywords WI, Camping, Trails, Wisconsin
Updated on 2016-11-16
Created on 2013-07-02
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