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Cape Range National Park
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Location Exmouth, Australia
Address Yardie Creek Rd, Western Australia 6707, Australia
Lat, Long -22.070987, 113.97743
GPS Enabled
Phone Number 8-9949-2808
Description Situated on the west side of the North West Cape is Cape Range National Park, a spectacular place of rugged limestone ranges, breathtaking deep canyons and 50km of pristine beaches. The park covers some 50,581 hectares and its northern boundary is just 40km from Exmouth. Wildlife is abundant with a variety of birds, emus, euros and red kangaroos commonly sighted. Cape Range offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors interested in the natural environment. In ancient times the range was isolated as an island as rising sea levels inundated lower lying areas. As a result of this geographic isolation there are some species of plants and animals that are endemic to the area, including the red centred variety of the Sturt Desert Pea. Surveys have recorded over 630 species of flowering plants on the peninsula of Cape Range National Park. This is a surprisingly high number for an arid limestone area. Over 700 caves are catalogued in the area and it is likely that many remain undiscovered. There are numerous gorges and sanctuary areas that provide a haven for wildlife and contain often rare and unusual flora. A beautiful array of wildflowers can be seen in late winter including Sturt Desert Peas and the beautiful Bird Flower.
Keywords WA, Trails, Camping, River, Hunting,
Updated on 2014-05-28
Created on 2014-03-07
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