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Bukhansan National Park
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Location Goyang-si, South Korea
Address Bukhansan National Park, Hyoja-dong, Goyang-si,South Korea
Lat, Long 37.659825, 126.980773
GPS Enabled
Description Baegundae (836m), Insubong (810m), and Mangyeongdae (799m) are the representative peaks of Bukhansan Baegundae: This peak is located on the boundaries of Gangbuk-gu, Seoul and Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do. The summit is a rock bed which can accommodate 500 people and the view of fantastic rock formations is superb. Insubong: Ui-dong (Town) is at the eastern foot of the mountain and Doseonsa (Temple) is at the southeast foot of the mountain. It is one of the popular places for visitors. Mangyeongdae: Also called Mansubong, this peak is located on the boundaries of Dobong-gu, Seoul and Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do. Made of granite, this peak has a precipitous wall of rock formed from weathering, erosion, and denudation over a long period of time.
Keywords South Korea
Updated on 2014-10-02
Created on 2014-09-30
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