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Anzere Ski Resort
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Location Anzere, Ayent, Switzerland
Address Anzere, Ayent, Switzerland
Lat, Long 46.297649, 7.401699
Description Anzère means escape … in this mountain village overlooking Sion and the Rhone Valley, you have the impression you are flying ! Never has a panorama seemed so beautiful, never has the impression of freedom seemed so beneficial. You will be welcomed with open arms, the sunshine waiting to greet you. In Anzère, you can take the time to stop, to breathe freely, to savour your impressions, to DREAM … and suddenly you feel light-hearted. Until just after the second world war, the sole activities in Anzère were essentially rural. At the end of the fifties, Anzère took a entirely new social and economic direction, that of the development of tourism. Within twenty years, it changed from being an area of fields and mountain pastures to a resort for tourists providing facilities for winter and summer sports.
Keywords Switzerland, Trails, Piste, Mountains
Updated on 2014-10-31
Created on 2014-10-21
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