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James Glen-Doanes' Woods-Woodja Hill
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Location Hudson Ln, Navy Ln, Oxbow Ln.
Lat, Long 41.369358, -72.398826
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Description These three properties combine to make 40 contiguous acres that include an open meadow, upland forest, forested wetland and a beaver pond. Woodja Hill connects through a right of way with Lyons Meadow and Millstone Hill, Deep River Land Trust parcels, thereby creating a 50-acre greenway. The properties sit on the ridge overlooking the Connecticut River and include the headwaters of three small watersheds draining to three distinct portions of the Connecticut River. is an unusual crook in the stone wall on the valley floor of Woodja Hill where, old timers say, a natural spring supplied water and the property line was "adjusted" to ensure the livestock had access The Doane family holdings date back to Israel Doane in the 1700s. The current generation of the Doane family is the seventh generation on the property, which was a homestead farm for many years. An old farm road and stone walls still wind through the property. The James Glen section belonged to Essex physician, Dr. Raymond James. In Essex - On Hudson Lane, off River Road, at end of Navy Lane off of Book Hill Road, and at the end of Oxbow Lane, off of Meadow Woods Road.
Keywords Essex Land Trust, Connecticut, Hiking
Updated on 2019-06-24
Created on 2016-02-08
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