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North Cove & Great Meadow
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Location North Cove Essex
Address North Cove, Essex CT
Lat, Long 41.363894, -72.386255
GPS Enabled
Description North Cove is a 230-acre body of tidal water between the Falls River and the Connecticut River. The cove is formed in part by Great Meadow, a 200-acre “pendant bar” or levee along the Connecticut River. Great Meadow has no public access. North Cove was noted for ship building, and the nearby Williams’ yard turned out sloops and schooners for the commercial trade in the 19th century. Empty now, Great Meadow was also a beehive of activity. Cattle were grazed, salt hay was harvested and duck hunting blinds once lined the shore. The bar was also a base for the local fishing industry and its lucrative seasonal shad run. Great Meadow is topped by cattails and other reeds. Wild rice and bulrush grow at the water’s edge. Rare plants include horned pond weed and tidewater arrowhead. This area is a well-known habitat for eagles, osprey and two species of rail. During winter months Roughlegged Hawks and Tundra Swans can also be spotted here. In Essex – water access at the foot of Bushnell Street
Keywords Essex Land Trust, Connecticut, Canoeing, Kayaking
Updated on 2019-06-24
Created on 2016-02-08
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