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Alum Creek State Park
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Location Delaware, OH
Address Alum Creek State Park, 3615 S. Old State Road, Delaware, OH
Lat, Long 40.243813, -82.977037
Phone Number 740-548-4631
Description Alum Creek rests in the midst of the fertile agricultural till plains and river valleys of Delaware County • In contrast to the surrounding farmlands, the park offers a diverse array of natural features • Cliffs of Ohio shale are notable in many areas, exposed as Alum Creek and other streams cut through underlying bedrock • The shale was formed as mud washed into the ancient sea which covered the area several hundred million years ago • The dark hue of the rock is due to the mixture of a carbonized plant material and mud that formed the shale
Keywords , Ohio, Campground, Map
Updated on 2014-05-28
Created on 2010-08-10
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