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Aztec, NM 1x2° Geologic Map
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Location Aztec, New Mexico
Lat, Long 36.5, -107.0
GPS Enabled
Description Geologic map (USGS I1730) of the Aztec 1x2° quad covering much of the eastern San Juan Basin, the Rio Chama drainage and the Tusas Mountains. The Jicarilla Apache Reservation, Carson National Forest, Chaco Canyon and Navajo Lake State Park (NM) are included.
Keywords Geology, Aztec (NM), Navajo Lake State Park, San Juan Basin, Tusas Mountains, Rio Chama, Carson National Forest, Chaco Canyon
Updated on 2017-03-20
Created on 2017-03-20
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Aztec (NM) 1x2° Geologic Map
Dimensions: 8955 x 5667   GPS Tagged   View or Edit GPS
Aztec (NM) Geologic Key
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