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Chisos Mountains Trail Map
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Location Big Bend National Park, TX
Lat, Long 29.216654, -103.266348
GPS Enabled
Description This is a trail map for the Chisos Mountains Trails in Big Bend National Park. The existing maplet layer "High Chisos Mountains Trail System Map" is one with North facing down and is not GPS enabled. This map requires no rotation and seems to have better detail. I was able to line it up approximately for GPS using Google Earth Pro at these coordinates: North. 29°16'57.14"N East. 103°16'23.91"W South. 29°13'19.20"N West. 103°19'41.04"W Rotation 0.0000 However, the distortion due to projection on the mountains made it difficult to get a perfect overlay of the image.
Updated on 2018-05-02
Created on 2018-01-31
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Chisos Mountains Trail Map
Dimensions: 3400 x 4400   GPS Tagged   View or Edit GPS