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Red River Gorge Geological Area
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Location Slade, KY
Address 3546 Nada Tunnel Road, Slade, KY 40380
Lat, Long 37.817438, -83.677771
GPS Enabled
Phone Number 606-663-9824
Description The Red River Gorge in Kentucky embraces a sandstone rock bridge in Kentucky called the Natural Bridge (Bailey, 1995). According to Bill Bailey (1995) Natural Bridge refers to a particular sandstone rock bridge that is 65 feet in height and spans 78 feet in length. In his book, Kentucky state parks, a complete outdoor recreation guide for campers, boaters, anglers, hikers, and outdoor lovers, Bailey explains that although the hike to the Natural Bridge is not the shortest, and the span of the rock formation is not the largest, Bailey admits that the bridge is probably the most visited arch in Kentucky.
Keywords Kentucky, Daniel Boone National Forest, Stanton Ranger District, Geological Area, Trails, Hiking, State Park
Updated on 2014-05-28
Created on 2010-09-03
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