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Mount Fromme Mountain Bike Trail
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Location North Vancouver, British Columbia
Address North Vancouver, British Columbia V7R, Canada
Lat, Long 49.343408, -123.004512
Description Mount Fromme is a mountain on the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia, and a key North American mountain biking destination. Looking towards the North of the Burrard Inlet three mountains are clearly visible (Grouse Mountain, Mount Seymour, and Mt. Fromme). Mt. Fromme (commonly referred to as Grouse Mountain because of its proximity to the ski resort of that name) has downhill trails that have made a name for the North Shore riding style. The mountain is populated with mountain bike trails that are known for their difficult and dangerous and treacherously slippery mountain terrain. These trails have natural challenges like fallen logs, giant boulders to drop off and gap jumps. Most of the trails have man-made obstacles like skinny bridges, large boulders, winding ladder bridges, road gaps, and other large gaps and jump features. Mt. Fromme has been featured in many mountain bike films such as seasons, follow me, and many NWD and Kranked series. Mt. Fromme is one of the more popular places for "north shore" style mountain bike trails on Vancouver's North Shore. Sometimes referred to by locals as 'Grouse Mountain' after the nearby ski resort, Mount Fromme is a destination for those prepared to "earn their turns". The only way to the top of these trails is by foot or pedal power. The mountain bike trails vary from a few classic cross country style single tracks and double track trails, to a multitude of technical downhill and freestyle trails. While many of the mountain bike trails have "built" features, including stonework ramps, drops and roller coasters, wooden ladders and berms, slippery log rides, teeter-totters and gap jumps, many of the more difficult features have easier ride-around options. There are some very difficult and technically challenging trails on Mt. Fromme. If you're new to the area, try some of the easier trails out first. Regardless, be familiar with the trail rating system and ride within your limits. While most trail heads have the name and rating of the trail posted, many do not.
Keywords BC, MTB, Mountain, Trails, Biking, Ski, Hiking,
Updated on 2015-03-01
Created on 2013-01-28
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