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Support - FAQ

Are the maps available offline?
Yes, once downloaded the maps are stored on your device and are available for offline use. You can access them without internet access and without incurring roaming charges (make sure that the data roaming option in Settings is disabled).
Can I locate myself on a map when I'm abroad?
Yes, if your device has GPS you can activate the location feature without incurring roaming charges (as with the above, please make sure that data roaming is disabled). Please note that certain devices such as iPod touch or wifi-only iPads do not have GPS built in. Without the assistance of data the initial location fix can be significantly longer; making sure that you have direct line of sight to the sky will help.
I have to redownload the maps, what happened?
The maps stay with your iOS device. However, they are not backed up to iTunes or iCloud because of Apple's restrictions on data size. Unfortunately it does mean that if you restore a device using a backup your list of maps and notes will be restored, but not the map image itself.
The map I just downloaded is completely black. What do I do?
The download may have been interrupted unexpectedly, causing an incomplete download of the map. To fix this, please download the map again.

Tap the i (info) button, and near the bottom of the menu there is a button to redownload the map.
I've exported my maplets list. How do I import it on another device? [iOS only]
Once you've exported your maplets list, it should now be a file with the .mllib extension either in your email or Dropbox.

To use it, simply tap open the file in one of the aforementioned applications and tap the share or "Open in..." option. Maplets will appear in the list of available applications, and tapping on the Maplets icon will allow you to import the list into your new device.
How do I delete a Maplet?
There are multiple ways of deleting a map:
1. From the main list, tap on edit on the top right. Select the maps you wish to delete then hit 'delete'
2. From the main list, swipe sideways to reveal the delete button.
3. From the place information page (tapping on the 'i' icon on the bottom right), there is a button at the bottom for deleting the map.
How do I use folders?
There are multiple ways of using the folders in Maplets:
1. Open the maplets list to the folder that you wish to add a maplet to, then using the map view search and download a maplet. The newly downloaded maplet will appear in the previously selected folder
2. Download a maplet into the main folder, then use Edit in the maplets list, select the maplet and tap Move to move it to the destination folder.
3. Using the Move feature described above, you can also move a folder into another folder to create a subfolder.